4 Basic Requirements For Those Who Want To Do Doctorate

For those who wish to pursue their academic career, especially in teaching at public universities, a doctorate is essential. Among the interested candidates, however, there remain many doubts about the basic conditions necessary to seek approval in the process.

To clarify the most common questions and help you prepare for the tests, in this post, we discuss the key requirements to succeed in the titling search. Come on?

  1. Full graduation

To enter the doctorate, it is imperative to stop the graduation diploma – with excellent performance in the curriculum, of course! However, contrary to what many people think, it is not necessary to first go through the master’s degree to participate in the process in search of the desired doctoral title.

Although it is not easy, due to the high level of demand for the selection of candidates, it is possible (and not as rare as you think) to get admission to the “direct doctorate”, in which cases it is started shortly after graduation.

  1. Analytical Researcher Profile

With a duration of four to five years, the doctorate does not have a high workload at the university, but demands a highly focused effort, on its own, in reading and research.

Therefore, before submitting your application to the program, make sure that your profile is that of analytical researcher, marked by keen curiosity to deepen knowledge, solid affinity with logical thinking and autonomy in the search for qualified information.

  1. English proficiency

The foreign language mastery, invariably English, is already a basic prerequisite in the masters application. In the doctorate, where the process is even stricter, fluency is absolutely essential – often a third language, other than Portuguese and English, is also required.

During the selection process, there is specific evidence to ensure the candidate’s proficiency and the student should not neglect learning English: if you already have language skills, it is time to practice hard and drive; if not, a consistent learning plan can ensure the success of the application in the time available for the study prior to application.

  1. Exclusive Dedication

The development of a doctoral thesis is a process that requires care, time and availability. Therefore, although there is no intense programming of activities in the classroom, the process requires full dedication of the student: it is very difficult to reconcile postgraduate and a record of conventional work.

To enable the routine of studies, it is possible to apply for scholarships granted by governmental institutions, which are paid to students enrolled in postgraduate courses – among them, of course, the doctorate. Inquire!

As we have already commented, the selection process for the doctorate, regardless of the area of ​​study, is quite rigorous. To succeed, you need to prepare yourself: make sure you meet the basic selection requirements and study hard (for English test, for example, a good practice is to train with exams already applied)!